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Audio Visual Equipment for Rent and Lease...


All AV equipment is located in Richmond Virginia and is available for daily, weekend, weekly, or monthly rental. Long term leasing is available based on the item and time of the year.  Delivery is available, at a flat rate, within 15 miles of Richmond City.

Weekday specials and

package pricing available!

Call us for a free Quote.

Passive Speakers:

Yorkville TX8 (2x15”, 1x8”, 1x2”)

Yorkville TX9 (2x18”) Sub

Yorkville TX4 (1x15”, 1x2”)

Yorkville LS1208 (18”) Sub

Electrovoice SX300 (1x12”, 1x1”)


Powered Speakers:

Yorkville PS12P (1x12”, 1x1”)

Yorkville PSA1 (4x6”, 2x1”)

Yorkville PSA2S (2x15”) Sub

Yorkville EF500P (1x15”, 1x2”)

Yorkville EF801P (1x18”) Sub


Amplifiers and Processing:

QSC PLX3602 Amps

QSC PLX2502 Amps

QSC GX5, and GX7 Amps

DBX Driverack 260 DSP

Rane 2X3 Way X-Over

Sound Consoles:

Yamaha LS9-32 Digital

Behringer X-32 Digital

Presonus 24.4.2 Digital

Presonus 16.4.2 Digital

Mackie 6, 8, and 12 Ch.


Microphones and Accessories:

Shure, Audix, and Sennheiser Mics

Radial and Whirlwind DI Boxes

50’ 8 and 16 Channel Drop Snakes

150’ 32 Channel Snake

Rapco XLR Cables 6’-100’

Round Base and Tripod Stands


Wireless Microphone Systems:

Shure ULXP4

Shure SLX4

Shure PGXD

Shure and Countryman Lav. Mics



ShowMagic Control Software

Martin Light Jockey Control Software

Optima Matrix 575 Moving Heads

Elation Design Spot 250 Moving Heads

Martin MX4 Scanners

Elation & Elektralite LED Fixtures

Martin Acrobat Effect Fixtures

Various RGB Lasers

Lemaitre Radiance Hazers

Altman Source 4 Pars and Ellipsoidals

48k Dimmer Rack


Truss and Lifts:

300’ of 12”x12” HD Milos Truss  

30’x40’x21’ Milos Outdoor Rated Stage and Roof System with Sound Wings

Sumner Eventer 25’ Lifts

Applied Electronics 16’ Lifts

Applied Electronics 11’ Lifts

Ultimate Support Stands

Video Equipment and Monitors:

80" Samsung LED Flatscreen TVs

60" Vizio LED Flatscreen TVs

50" Vizio LED Flatscreen TVs

42" Vizio LED Flatscreen TVs

32" Vizio LED Flatscreen TVs

Infocus 8k Lumen Projector

Infocus 5k Lumen Projector

Infocus 3.5k Lumen Projector

Kramer Switchers

Roland Video Mixers

Da-Lite 5'X7' Tripod Front Projection

Da-Lite 6’x8’ Screen with Dress Kit

Da-Lite 9x12’ Screen with Dress Kit

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